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The Galen
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It is the leading media resource for pharmacy professionals to provide practical, clinical and professional information. Pharmacist can use their everyday practices when counseling patients, interacting with other health care providers and practice pharma in industrial teaching. Articles like latest news, trends, analysis, market reports, press releases, case studies, etc. published in this magazine. This magazine helps industry professionals and decision makers to stay on the top of this fast-paced industry. Magazine focuses on the essential reading material for decision-makers in the pharmaceutical industry. This magazine providing you the latest news and analysis in an exciting and interactive format produced by a team of experienced editors and contributors. It brings together the latest insights and innovations from across the industry, including new discoveries, R&D and clinical trials, manufacturing technolognt care.

We invite pharma students, pharma teachers, corporate peoples, entrepreneurs and all active pharmacists to participate in the making for knowledge exchange through this magazine.